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My name is Judy Natter and I cheered for the Washington Redskins from 2011-2013. I also served as an ambassador for the Washington redskins from 2010-2011.

I always dreamed of cheering professionally for the NFL but knew it would have to wait until I graduated from the University of Maryland. I had a background in dance, even though I hadn’t been in the studio for years. I worked at a hair salon where one of our clients was engaged to a Redskins
Cheerleader, Dawn. He put me in contact with her and she provided me with wonderful advice while also encouraging me to reach out to Sideline Prep. I was able to connect with alumni cheerleaders who experienced a similar journey as mine and wanted to give back to future squads. It was one of the greatest investments I have ever made. The coaches were honest and supportive in strengthening my confidence and physique. Through Sideline Prep, I was able to find dance classes to work on technique and learn more about the organization. I felt confident that WRC was where I wanted to one day be.

The first year I auditioned I made it to the second day of finals but unfortunately did not make the final cut. However, another opportunity awaited me – I was selected to be an Ambassador! This chapter allowed me to see the organization from a different perspective and only added to the passion that drove me to cheer professionally on Fedex Field.

The second year, I chose Sideline Prep again and they were not only ready for me but just as excited as I was to audition, this time stronger than the last. They helped me nail areas I may have struggled in the year prior. The coaches always kept in touch and genuinely cared about my progress and me.

I made the team in 2011. It was a day I will never forget. I made lasting friendships and was blessed to have been selected to support our troops overseas.

Without any doubt, I will forever be grateful to Sideline Prep for helping me achieve my dreams.

Thank you, Sideline Prep!


Judy WRC ’12, ’13

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