How We Help You Get PREPARED & Polished for Auditions


Our Coaching and Mentoring Services are offered across four(4) different areas based on your individual needs:Virtual Learning, One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching & Workshops and VIP Day/Weekend.

This page briefly explains our Coaching & Mentoring services.  After reading about your options, simply click the “Sign Up” and/or “Learn More” buttons on this page to start the scheduling process.

We are eager to help you become prepared and polished for auditions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping you shine on the sidelines!

Learn at Your Pace

Preparation Prep (1 hour) – Detailed Preparation Guidance:

  • Thorough overview of Sideline Prep’s P.R.E.P Model©: Details on how to Prepare, React, Evaluate, & Perform
  • What you need to do during each phase of the P.R.E.P process
  • Everything you need to research and implement to be prepared for prep classes and auditions
  • How to develop a specific plan of action using our easy-to-follow downloadable guides for each phase of the P.R.E.P Model©
  • How to spend your valuable time on the right things in the audition preparation process, not needlessly wasted on ineffective practices
  • How to use the P.R.E.P© Model to be confident during the audition process


  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Template to help you set up a plan of action to prepare for auditions
  • List of everything you need to research prior to audition… Includes OVER 100 items

Knowledge Prep (1 hour) – Basic Preparation & Audition Process Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Basic Preparation Guidelines following the Sideline P.R.E.P© Model
  • What You need to do Before, During and After auditions
  • What a Typical Audition Day looks like
  • What the Judges are looking for
  • Audition Scoring Elements
  • Audition Process Tips: From Arrival to Learning to Being “On Deck” to Performing (Over 15 slides dedicated to TIPS!!)
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • How to “handle” Cuts


  • Packing List for Each Potential Audition Component
  • Sample Score Sheets for a typical auditions
  • List of everything you need to research prior to auditions… Includes OVER 100 items!!

Knowledge: Question and Answer Prep (1 hour) – Introduction Speech & Interview Technique Prep: 

  • Suggestions on What You Need to Research in Preparation for Your Interview
  • Basic Sports Facts (NFL & NBA)
  • Importance of the Introduction Speech and Interview Round
  • What the Judges are Looking for
  • Potential Interview Scenarios (When & How Interviews might show up)
  • Step-by-step Instructions on HOW to Craft Your Intro Speech
  • Composer and Poise during the Interview
  • Interview Process Tips: From Arrival to Learning to Being “On Deck” to Performing
  • Types of Interview Questions You Might Hear
  • Examples of Interview Questions
  • How to Answer Interview Questions
  • Do’s and Don’ts


  • Interview Practice: 15 minute mock interview with a Sideline Prep Coach via phone call
  • List of potential interview questions

Proper Eating Prep (1 hour) – Nutrition Guidance & a Meal Plan: 

  • Tips on How to Quickly Determine what You Should and Should NOT Eat
  • Nutrition Facts & Misconceptions of Weight Loss
  • 3 Areas You Should Always Keep in Mind for Healthy Eating
  • 4 Things to Look for when Selecting Meals & Snacks
  • Overview of Super Foods and Super “Bad” Foods
  • Tips on Proper Portion Control
  • Top Foods that Make the “Final Cut”
  • Tips for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • The Who? What? When? & Where? of Healthy Eating


  • Meal Plan with multiple options for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Application Prep (1 hour) – Filling out the Audition Application: 

  • Basic Elements of Almost Every Audition Application
  • How to Present the “Best You” on Paper & via Your Picture
  • How to Effectively Fill Out the Audition Application
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Application Submission
  • When/How to Turn in Your Application
  • What Type of Picture You Should Submit with Your Application
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Photo Submission
  • What to Include and NOT Include on Your Resume and What to Do if a Resume is NOT Required


  • Review of Your Application Packet (application, pictures, resume, etc.) by one of Our Sideline Prep Coaches

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Work with a Sideline Prep Coach in Person, via Skype, and/or Video

Style Prep (1.5 hours) – Dance Style & Dance Technique: 

  • Motion & Move Placement
  • Dance Style Instruction (Snippits, Fluffing, etc.)
  • Free Style Instruction
  • Technical Skill Review
  • Recovery Techniques & Staying Poised
  • Facials
  • Flexibility & Kicks
  • Basic Kick Drills
  • Learn and Review Choreography
  • Performing with Personality
  • Attracting the Judges’ Attention

Body Prep (1 hour) – Fitness Guidance: 

  • Visual Assessment of Your Current Appearance and Fitness Level
  • Review of Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals
  • Recommended Plan of Action to Help You Reach Your Goals
  • Suggested Exercises, Workouts, and Stretching Techniques to Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Body
  • Tips on How to Get Fit, Increase Stamina, and Maintain/Improve Flexibility
  • Demonstrations on How to Safely and Effectively Execute Workouts


  • Six High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) Workouts that can be Done at Home

Glamour Prep (1 hour) – The Right Look: 

  • Complete Appearance Consultation (Head to Toe)
  • Review of Current Look, Prep Class, and Audition Attire
  • Tips on How to get “The Look” – From the Hosiery & Shoes to Wear to the Best Ways to Accent Your Assets!
  • How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
  • How to Properly Apply Make-up to Achieve the Perfect Look
  • Suggestions on Practice, Prep Class & Audition Attire that Flatters Your Body and Complexion

Photo Shoot & Runway Prep (1 hour) – Modeling Skills Enhancement: 

  • How to Pose for a Camera Ensuring Your Body Looks Great
  • How to Pose to Based on Your Body/Build (How to Make Your Waistline Look Thinner; How to Hide “Unflattering” or “Problem” areas; How to Appear Taller; How to Make Your Abs Pop; etc.)
  • How to Walk the Runway and Pose (with and without a Prop)
  • Tips on What to Wear for Swimsuit and/or Cocktail Dress Rounds
  • How to Properly Accessorize (Shoes, Earrings, Bracelets, etc.)
  • Walking the Runway and Feeling Confident Doing It
  • How to Grab the Judges and Fans Attention

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Your information is always safe with us. We hate spam too and promise to never share your information.

The Group Coaching Program is a comprehensive virtual and group coaching course that teaches you what needs to be done to prepare for auditions, how to do it, and how to do it right! The curriculum is designed to give you more structure and focus each week of the program. You will receive step-by-step instruction to walk you through the entire preparation process with numerous opportunities to ask questions and get tailored advice. For more information visit HERE or email us at to learn when the next Coaching Program starts.

In person group workshops and retreats are held at various times throughout the year in Washington, DC.  We have workshops ranging from dance conventions taught by local NFL and NBA Coaches/Directors to technique classes to professional photo shoot sessions.  These workshops are a great way platform for hands on learning that provide realtime feedback.  For more information visit HERE or email us at to learn about our upcoming workshops.

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Many of our clients who are looking to make quick and dramatic, yet effective improvements, who want tailored guidance specific to their strengths and opportunities for improvement, choose to take advantage of the limited VIP Day or Weekend opportunities offered by Sideline Prep. The VIP Day / Weekend are by application only and are reserved to young ladies who are truly committed to making the changes necessary to effectively prepare for auditions and improve their confidence prior to auditions.  For more information visit HERE or email us at to learn when the next Coaching Program starts.

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