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Our Sponsors will Help You get “The Look”!

Let Our Sponsors Help You be a Sideline Attraction!

Sideline Prep Sponsors share the same passion and desire as we do… To help you “shine on the sidelines”! Our Sponsors are hand picked… ensuring they are the best of the best! During the audition time frame, our Sponsors provide discounted services and personal image advice to enhance your appearance, increase your knowledge, and ultimately improve your confidence. When you begin working with us, simply contact a sponsor and let them know you are a Sideline Prep client to receive your discount. They will be eager to help you become a “sideline attraction”!

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Use Our Partners to Help You Get “The Look”

Sideline Prep has partnered with these companies to provide services and products to get you in shape, feel good, and look good. From work out DVDs, protein shakes, vitamins, makeup and other facial products, our Partners can help you get “the look” you need to fit in with the current pros and stand out from your competition!