Hello! My name is Jordyn and this is my first year cheering for the
Washington Redskins! It took more than one try before I finally made my
dream team. Working with Sideline Prep truly gave me the help I needed!

In January 2013 I attended the Sideline Prep workshop. I was clueless!
I immediately became a sponge and absorbed everything around me, from
what the other girls were wearing, to what a hair flip was. This
workshop prepared me for prep classes ahead. Before auditions, I
worked closely with the Sideline Prep coaches. They helped me with my
fitness, posing, dance style, and look. I was fortunate enough to make
it all the way to finals that year, then became a Washington Redskins
Cheerleader Ambassador! When 2014 auditions came around, I continued
working with Sideline Prep by attending their workshop again, and their
photo shoot session. They helped give me the confidence I needed to
make the team this year!

Thanks to Sideline Prep, I walked into auditions feeling GREAT! They
are experts in professional cheerleading! Let them help you make your
dream come true!

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