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Top Companies Empowering  Women and Girls

Today’s women and girls have more opportunities, options, and outlets for creativity and ingenuity than ever before. Companies across all industries prioritize empowering women, and these efforts have spurred advancements for women and girls in areas such as STEM, sports, the arts, and corporate America. The more companies recognize the unique contributions of women and girls, the more opportunities will be available

GeNienne Samuels, the founder of professional cheer and dance coaching company Sideline Prep, takes empowerment seriously. “Female empowerment, cultivating high self-esteem, and fostering confidence are so important at Sideline Prep,” Samuels says, “We know that at the foundation of everything that we do in life, believing that ‘it’s’ possible for you and that you’re capable of achieving ‘it’ is the most important factor.”…….Read More

Meet GeNienne Samuels | Mindset & Pro Cheer/Dance Coach | ABC WOAY Primetime Anchor | Host/Emcee | Consultant

We had the good fortune of connecting with GeNienne Samuels and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi GeNienne, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
I had been working in corporate America for 10 years. I saw a lot of success in my role and moved up in a company ranked number 15 on the Fortune 500 list in a very short period of time as a consultant. I excelled at what I did but I wasn’t passionate about the work. So I volunteered for a release in force in an effort to go pursue my true career passion… Being a news anchor. In the process of trying to figure out my next move, I started my own consulting company……Read More

How To Become A Professional Cheerleader in the NFL

Like in most sports, the cheerleading world has its pinnacle, where peak performers take their place and showcase their talent on a world stage. According to GeNienne Samuels, pro cheerleading expert and founder of pro cheer/dance consultancy Sideline Prep, the most popular league for auditions overall is the NFL.

With their performances broadcast at every game, the NFL dance squads often become as popular and recognizable as some players. It’s the “big show” in cheerleading and dance, and every year, hundreds of women compete for one of the coveted team spots…..Read More


Top 10: A list of entrepreneurs who are transforming business in 2021
Good entrepreneurs have the determination, dedication and drive to make their businesses successful. Great entrepreneurs have a little bit more. They see the opportunity to not only win but to change the game to make the world a better place for everyone. They inspire.

This list includes ten great entrepreneurs. Representing a wide range of industries, each exhibits a commitment to lead, serve or share in a way that is transforming culture and calling upon colleagues to consider how to extend the impact of their work…Read More

NFL Cheerleading

NFL Cheerleading: What You Didn’t Know About Making the Pros

When you watch professional-level cheerleaders on TV during an NFL or NBA game, you may marvel at their extreme athleticism. However, below the surface of every professional cheerleader, there lies a strong will, uplifting attitude, and a confidence that elevates them above the average.

GeNienne Samuels, the President and CEO/Co-Founder of Sideline Prep, knows exactly what it takes to go pro. Sideline Prep provides individualized coaching to young women and men auditioning for professional and semi-professional cheerleading teams. The coaching encompasses all aspects of trying out for pro-level teams, including public speaking, image and personal appearance, confidence/mindset, dance, nutrition and fitness instruction.

Outside of those core skills and attributes, Samuels stresses that pro-level cheerleaders have an attitude, personality, and approach to life that elevates their chances of succeeding in the pro-cheerleading arena and life as well…. …Read More

Cheer …Professionally

Cheer …Professionally

The Strong, Passionate, Positively Energetic GeNienne Samuels. Does an amazing job telling an important story about how both “Cheering,” and “Dancing,” professionally is about developing the “Whole Person.” She founded a consulting firm named “Sideline Prep,” in which she helps young women reach their FULL potential. All of her links are below.. …Read More

Sideline Prep Bonus Lessons: How Training for “The Pros” Carries Over Into Learning Lessons that Last a Lifetime

Crack open any personal development book, and you will start to see themes emerge: confidence, self-care, poise, and polished communication skills. People clamor to build these skills given the popularity of “self-help” and personal development programs and books. Having more confidence or prioritizing health and wellness can typically lead to positive results: getting that promotion, making friends, feeling better, and increasing overall happiness. …Read More

What Does Black History Month Mean To You- A Conversation with GeNienne Samuels

What does Black History Month mean to you? GeNienne Samuels explains what Black History Month means to her. Samuels is an entrepreneur, news anchor, reporter, and producer. Samuels is the founder of GS Consulting and Communications, Inc. and co-founder of Sideline Prep. Samuels is a 8x nfl and 3x nba Cheerleader. With her passion for cheerleading, Samuels and a team of coaches prepare young women for their cheerleading, dance prep classes, and auditions. Their goal is for each dancer to succeed in their full-time professions or studies, yet feel confident enough in themselves to become a professional cheerleader…Read More

EMB #527: Sideline Prep
GeNienne Samuels is the founder and president of Sideline Prep, as well as an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and public speaker. Freelancing as a news anchor, producer, and reporter, Samuels is also a Business Process Reengineer(BPR), quality and process improvement consultant, and holds the distinguished credential of being a Project Management Professional(PMP).

Samuels recently retired as a Wizard Girl for the NBA’s Washington Wizards to take on the role as the In-Arena Host for the Washington Wizards. In addition to her love of stunting, cheerleading, and dance, GeNienne owns a quality consulting company, GS Consulting & Communication, Inc.(GSCC), …Read More

Sideline Prep Offering a Lifetime of Experience to Future Professional Cheerleaders
Alumni NFL and NBA Cheerleader GeNienne Samuels is the CEO of Sideline Prep. A role model on the field and in the boardroom, she uses the lessons she’s learned through sports to coach the next generation of professional entertainers.

Throughout her life, Samuels has been an athlete. In high school, she ran cross-country, track and cheered for both football and basketball. She continued in college as a member of a co-ed stunt team and then danced as a professional cheerleader for the NFL and NBA. As a captain of her teams, Samuels gained valuable lessons that would prepare her to start her own business, lead in the boardroom, and guide the rising stars of tomorrow’s professional cheerleaders… Read More

Sideline Prep: Tackling Mindset On and Off the Field with GeNienne Samuels
GeNienne Samuels, along with other mentors at Sideline Prep, are working to prepare and polish ladies and gents to nail their upcoming auditions in the professional cheer and dance industry while showing up as their best selves in day-to-day life.

The nerves and excitement that approach a life-changing opportunity can add fuel to the fire for some, but for others, it’s tough to get rid of the nagging feeling of rejection or thinking of what could go wrong. Trying something new, venturing into the unknown, and pushing forward toward our goals can be scary and very overwhelming… Read More

GeNienne Samuels: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a High-level Athlete and Sideline Beauty Icon
Have you ever wondered why you or others can feel like a “fraud,” even during times of peak performance? This phenomenon is commonly referred to as Imposter Syndrome, and often manifests itself in feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism, and restrained performance. While this concept is no stranger to entrepreneurs and business leaders, it is also commonly found amongst other business professionals and professional athletes.

According to founder and CEO of Sideline Prep, GeNienne Samuels, she recognizes that imposter syndrome is usually defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud, regardless of your accomplishments or accolades. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their success often leading to a feeling that they are not truly deserving of the accolades…Read More

How GeNienne Samuels Prepares Professional Dancers for Life On and Off the Sidelines /a>
When you have the passion and drive to succeed in doing what you love but you don’t know where to start or you keep hearing “no”, sometimes you need a little help to keep pushing forward. Whether dancers (or “Lovelies” and “Gents,” as we call them) come to us feeling nervous, frustrated, or unprepared, Sideline Prep can arm them with all the tools they need to feel ready, polished, and confident to “Go Pro”.

Our goal is for each dancer to succeed in their full-time professions or studies, yet feel confident enough in themselves personally to pursue a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), like becoming a professional cheerleader. The methods we use to prepare our clients with physical, mental, and emotional training for life, on and off the field, can help anyone prepare for big life opportunities, too…Read More

Failure: A Necessary Part of Achieving Success
Training for professional cheerleading tryouts or any other high-profile sports team is grueling work. Yet, all of the early mornings, late nights, and sacrifices instantly become worthwhile when you reach your goal. However, even the best-laid plans sometimes get derailed, and some never cross the finish line. During these times, most people ask: “Where did I go wrong?” Instead, you should ask, “What can I do differently next time?”

Similarly, failure often opens up possibilities you never thought imaginable. And sometimes, those opportunities are as simple as getting some help on your journey. GeNienne Samuels sees this situation unfold every day at Sideline Prep, a professional dance and cheer audition prep company. Among other training, Sideline Prep helps aspiring professional cheerleaders become more confident, prepared, and polished so they can achieve their dreams of dancing for a professional or semi-professional dance or cheer team…Read More

Pro Football & Basketball Players Aren’t the Only Ones Working HardSuccess
When it’s game time, you are focused primarily on one thing: the win. Regardless of which sport or team you’re watching, your attention is centralized on the players running up and down the field or court to carry their (and your) team to victory. After all, the players are the ones who reap the benefits of fame, fortune, and opportunity for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the game.

But what about the people who aren’t a direct actor in the game, but whose same hard work and dedication to their career is often left out of the sport’s spotlight? There are hundreds of behind the scenes people that make the production of a sports event possible; from referees to ushers, to production crew to ticket sellers, and even the concession stand workers. But I’m referring to those on the sidelines, who are entertaining us in a different way…Read More

Fitness Coach – Jeanette Chandler
There isn’t a typical day at work, which I love. Every day is different based on my class schedule, one-on-one client sessions, and/or my nutrition and fitness consultation calls.

However, every morning starts the same. I wake up at 4:30 am to eat a pre-workout meal and drink. That consists of 2 eggs with spinach and a 1/2 cup of oatmeal. That is immediately followed by the pre-workout drink. I’ll then take 10 minutes for meditation and gratitude. Mindset is the key to staying consistent, positive, and motivated… Read More

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