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Sideline Prep & Co Founder, GeNienne Samuels has been featured on:

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”Sideline Prep gave me the information and tools to successfully compete with the vast talent of women today. The skills I learned took me to the next level with both my dance ability and confidence. Thank you!”

-Sydney, NFL Ambassador & Cheerleader

”Sideline Prep ROCKS! As a first timer auditioning for the Washington Redskins, I couldn't have done it without them! They helped make my dreams come true by teaching me the insides of pro cheerleading. Thanks Sideline Prep - I owe it all to you!”

- Michele, Washington Redskins Cheerleader, 2011-2013

”You already have what it takes to achieve your goals and make your dreams of dancing come true- so reach out to your Sideline Prep coaches to support and cheer YOU on along the way!”

- Alyssa, Former NFL Cheerleader

”Attending one-on-ones with GeNienne and her team gave me the knowledge and advice to go into the auditions with confidence. Taking the "unknowns" out of the audition process allowed me to focus on what was important: doing my best and having a great time! I would definitely recommend Sideline Prep to any girl new to the professional cheerleading audition process.”

-Ashley T., NFL Cheerleader

”So worth it! If you're new to the cheerleading world, this is a must. Sideline Prep is an amazing opportunity for ladies to interact one on one regarding all facets of the Professional Cheerleading & Dance arena. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned performer, GeNienne & all the coaches share their knowledge and helpful advice that prepare you for the ultimate try out experience! Although, I didn't make the team, I made it thru several rounds because of their help. I highly recommend Sideline Prep!”

-Laura, Arlington, VA

”Sideline Prep is an incredible program that has helped me not only as a cheerleader, but as a woman overall. My confidence has grown so much, and never before have I had so much fun. They are amazing and are so personable yet real, that you can't help but love them.”

- Anonymous

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NFL Teams Our Lovelies & Gents Represent…

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Our Results Speak for Themselves!

  • 20 NFL Teams Represented

  • 14 NBA Teams Represented

  • Dozens of Dance/Cheer Teams in Other Pro & Semi Pro Leagues Represented

  • Over 70% of Our Pro Cheer Playbook Grads Make Teams

  • 98% Satisfaction Rating

  • Longest standing Pro Cheer Prep Company

  • International Success

NBA Teams Our Lovelies & Gents Represent…

Who is Sideline Prep?

Reach the Top Level of Pro Cheer/Dance Preparation with Expert Advice, Coaching, and Training from Seasoned Pros.

Who is Sideline Prep? Sideline Prep is a PRO dance/cheer consulting company that helps young woman and men reach their dreams of becoming a professional or semi-professional cheerleader/dancer for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MISL, and other sports leagues. All of our Sideline Prep Coaches are current and former professional cheerleaders who have all been through the preparation and audition process… and want to pass our lessons learned to you! So… if you’re wondering, “How do I become an NFL Cheerleader?” or “How do I become an NBA Dancer?” … You’ve just found your answer.

We provide coaching and mentoring in ALL areas of the audition process to help our “Lovelies” and “Gents” get “sideline ready” for prep classes and auditions. We assist with preparation in all areas: dance/technique/showmanship, makeup application, outfit selection, nutrition, fitness, interview skills, modeling, confidence-building… and more!

We take the guesswork out of how to become a professional cheerleader by sharing our proven tips and strategies that have helped hundreds of our clients land a spot on the team of their dreams!  How do you become a cheerleader for the NFL? How do you become an NBA dancer? Work with pros to become a pro!

Bottom line… Our Mission is to give aspiring professional cheerleaders the knowledge, style, and glamour to walk into professional cheerleading prep classes and auditions with confidence!!


TACKLE your Fears… DUNK your Doubts & HIT a HOME RUN at Auditions!


Discover the Top 5 Success Secrets to Perform Like a Pro at Auditions!!

These NFL & NBA Pros Trained with Our Sideline Prep Pros!
NBA & NFL Cheerleader
NFL & NHL Cheerleader
NFL Ambassador
MISL Cheerleader
NBA Dancer


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How do you become a professional cheerleader? Let us show you how to become a NFL Cheerleader, NBA Dancer or performer for any other sports league!

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