Hello Lovelies…. Below is an email sent to GeNienne about one of our Sideline Prep Coaches, Lee-Ann. Lee-Ann is a former NBA Cheerleader and has a very strong technical background.

Hi GeNienne!

Thank you so much for selecting LeeAnn to train me. I couldn’t have picked a better person to train me. She is amazing!!! She was very patient with me and encouraged me throughout the entire process. She provided me with a solid foundation of technique and a clear understanding of how to properly do each turn, leap and jump.

I am super excited and because of you guys I have the confidence to audition and knowledge/ technique! I can’t thank you enough.

I will send you guys pictures either tonight or tomorrow after my interviews!!!

Best regards,

Next, below is an email from Malika to her Sideline Prep Coach, Lee-Ann. We are so excited about her progress and how we were able to help her feel more confident for auditions!


I can’t thank you enough. I came in there with little training and you transformed me into the dancer I knew I could be. I have more confidence, structure and technique thanks to you. I learned how to do a proper turn, spot properly, how to do a Calypso jump, Axels and so much more…! You taught me the foundation of each movement and I am truly grateful for your hard work and patience with me. Thank you so much!!!

Best regards,
Malika Yates

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