DREAM – a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal

Since I can remember, it was a long standing DREAM of mine to become a professional dancer. No, not just any PRO dancer, but an NBA dancer.

I remember it vividly – Father’s Day weekend of 2012 when I attended my first ever pro audition. I watched the videos of previous auditions and studied pictures intensely to (what I thought at the time) prepare myself for a successful audition. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be a part of the chosen team on that day or, at the very least, make finals.
I thought it would be a breeze, but boy was I wrong!

As I stepped foot onto the court which I thought I’d soon be calling home, I was immediately taken aback by the hundreds of gorgeous faces, fit bodies, and stunning audition outfits. I was not prepared. I studied the girls who were auditioning with me and began to make a checklist of the things they had that I didn’t: eyelashes (nope), full face (barely), full hair (ehh, it can get by but wasn’t going to last me the entire audition), memorable outfit (the girl next to me has on the exact same thing), lean body (I could’ve done a few more crunches, I guess), energy (I was dead by the 3rd round). I slowly began to lose confidence and became defeated as I continued to advance and study my competition. Luckily, my technique advanced me to the final round of open call before the 40 finalists were announced for training camp. But like many girls, I was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t selected to be apart of that group when I had just as much technique, if not more than those who were chosen. IT WASN’T ENOUGH!

Like most girls who feel they can breeze through an audition with just the basic forms of technique, I was easily reminded that being a professional dancer/cheerleader takes way MORE – more time, more effort, more tenacity, more confidence, more spunk, sass and more PREPARATION.

I was introduced to Sideline Prep a week before that first audition from a former pro-cheerleader, but had run out of time to truly reap the benefits of the program. Those who were Sideline Prep clients at the audition totally stood out, walked in the audition with their heads held high and caught the attention of everyone they came in contact with that day.

I’m a true believer that success is bred from proper preparation. That next year, I began meeting with Sideline Prep coaches months prior to the audition to seek advice on health and fitness, ways to modify and enhance my glam look, stylized dance specific to the team, inside knowledge on the audition process, and much, much more. To learn from former professionals and experts who were once in my shoes was the most valuable preparation one could have. Sideline Prep’s consultation services heightened my confidence, enhanced my overall appearance and fitness for the audition, made me more comfortable in front of the camera, and most importantly, brought awareness to the specific things I needed to work on but could not point out myself.

Sideline Prep is a must for those who are serious about making their dreams come true. Talent is not the only ingredient to landing a spot on the team or key to having a successful audition. Sideline Prep ensures that you have the complete package and ensures that you are selling your “best you” to the judges, and will walk hand-in-hand with you as you journey on that road. Even if you are only able to attend one session, you are that much more prepared than where you first started.

Even with one year under my belt, I will continue to use Sideline Prep’s services to continue improving and ensuring I’m prepared to put my best foot forward.

– Alleson, Washington Wizards Girl and Chicago Luvabulls

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