Hello Cheer and Dance Sisters, not only is this my testimony and Sideline Prep success story but this letter is my personal and professional recommendation regarding the services of Sideline Prep! Anyone thinking about auditioning for a pro, semi-pro squad or simply interested in continuing with fitness and gaining increased cheer and dance proficiency in the professional arena, needs to certainly consult the services of Sideline Prep.

Let’s talk success story! I cheered and danced through high school, college, for semi-pro teams as well as coach and choreograph cheer and dance so, I certainly thought to myself “of course I’m ‘naturally’ ready to go out for a pro team.” Boy was I wrong! Upon participating in my first professional cheer prep class, I recognized that I would need some additional training specific to the “pro style”. Professional cheerleading is a world of its own! It is a combination of select features from all things cheer, dance, glam, fitness and much more! I heard about Sideline Prep and knew immediately it was something that I needed to pursue in order to fill in the gaps where I felt I was lacking. After all, who better to provide that knowledge and know-how than former pro-cheerleaders?! During this time, Sideline Prep and all staff herein, consistently demonstrated superior performance in all areas of cheer/dance technique development, growth in appearance, and nutritional compliance by going above and beyond in their specialized roles and tackling all of my concerns. A couple years later, I became a Professional Cheerleader and I can say hands-down, if it wasn’t for Sideline Prep, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Honestly, even as a pro cheerleader, I’ve continued to utilize Sideline Prep because consistency is key in improving and continuing to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals!

…It is because of prayer, dedication, hard work and this great company that I’m professionally cheering on the sidelines today…and this is only the beginning!

Good luck to all,

Baltimore Blast Cheerleader

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