2017 was my year, I had auditioned and made the Valorette’s Dance Team for Washington, D.C.’s new arena football team, Valor. I have auditioned for other professional teams and haven’t had much luck.

I worked with GeNienne and Sideline Prep Coaches and they really worked with me on my weaknesses and also help me accentuate my strengths. I also was accepted to Sideline Prep’s ProCheer Playbook Program, which really helped me work on my dancing skills even further so that I could be the best I could be for dance auditions and for me as an individual.

Not only has Sideline Prep helped me in dance, but also helped me become more confident in daily life. Sideline prep has connected me with other dancers whom have become some of my best friends, we all have formed a sisterhood and can confide in each other. I look forward to attending Sideline Prep’s annual ProCheer workshop, which has helped tremendously where you can learn actual choreography from surrounding Pro and Semi-pro Teams.

I can’t wait to audition in 2018 and look forward to seeing GeNienne and her team of Coaches who provide valuable feedback and advice whenever you need it.


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