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At your pace training


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Group Coaching & Workshops


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100% of our clients feel their knowledge, dance ability, and/or glamour improved by working with us!

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All of our Coaches are current or former Pro Cheerleaders. We have been there and done it!

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It’s your chance to personally work with not just an 11-year Pro Cheer Alumni or “coach” but a true Pro Cheer "Guru" — as coined by her peers.

From virtual online programs to live, personal mentoring, Sideline Prep offers many levels of coaching, consulting and training for pro cheer hopefuls—both new and experienced.

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GeNienne and her team of coaches – current and former professional cheerleaders and dancers – have spent years developing, implementing, testing, tracking, and tweaking strategies, techniques and advice to target the techniques that yield positive results so they can share, deliver and teach what really works.

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Through our Coaching & Mentoring options we will teach you what you NEED to learn to get you prepared and improve your confidence. You will NOT get full-of-fluff or unproven strategies that may seem easy but are just a total waste of time. Our Lovelies know this as Sideline Prep’s “Get serious, Get focused, and Get confident” approach to preparation.