Hi! There!

I’m Azusa. This year, I successfully made Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.

There was a long journey to finally make the team.

I danced for an American Football team in Japan for 4 years. As a next step, I decided to try out for Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, since I fell in love with their dance style, look and image.

My journey wasn’t that easy.

I spent over a year preparing for the Pros. I took dance lessons at least twice a week to strengthen my Hip Hop movement and pick up choreography faster. But I felt there are still something missing. I wanted to have a direct advice from an American former NFL cheerleader who could set a path for me. When I was searching Ultimate Cheerleader website, I found Sideline Prep. They offered an online webinar which gives you every single tip you need to be a pro cheerleader. So even though I lived miles away from Washington D.C, Sideline Prep could support me virtually. Especially for a foreigner like me, the Sideline Interview and Sideline Application trainings were good materials. Through e-mail, they checked my resume and my introduction speech script. GeNienne even took Skype calls with me to help me improve my English! This type of support was something I couldn’t receive in Japan. I really appreciate all the support Sideline Prep offered me.

If you hesitant about trying out. Look at me. There was a girl from Japan trying out for Washington Redskins Cheerleaders… who left work, friends and families back in her country. I could do it, so you can! Always believe in yourself and enjoy every single moment!

– Azusa, Washington Redskins Cheerleader

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