My name is Brittany and I am a Sideline Prep satisfied client.

My coach, and former Wizards girl, Amanda Baker directed me to the ladies of Sideline Prep. I was looking for guidance to help me through the auditions for the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders. I needed a few pointers with my model walk, make-up, and nutrition habits and these were the women to call. I had the pleasure of learning all of these essentials from Devon and GeNienne.

I fought through each round of cuts using the skills I had learned in our one on one prep sessions… to make it to Finals! Though I fell short of making the Redskin Cheerleaders team at finals, I knew the skills I learned along the way could be utilized in another audition; namely, a local NBA team. My love for dance moved my perspective from fighting to dance on the field to fighting to dance on the court.

I attended the first clinic to get a feel for the style these girls had to offer. I was so thankful for attending the first clinic, because I was awarded a buy two by the coach. (A buy two is when a dancer does exceedingly well during the clinic and is awarded the chance to automatically advance past the first two rounds of auditions.)

During the second clinic GeNienne came in and taught everyone the do’s and don’ts of audition outfits. It made me feel great that I knew of GeNienne and that her guidance helped through my last audition. I was pleased she came up to me at the end of clinic to give me a few pointers she had noticed.

During the audition process GeNienne sat-in on a few practices. She always had a notepad full of notes to give her clients. Though some may feel she was being tough, it actually made me feel more comfortable that someone was watching me closely and was always ready to dish out what could be work on. As the auditions came to a close, GeNienne’s critiques began to shrink on her page. It provided me with confidence and reassured me that my growth had been noticed.

As I took the stage, the day of finals, I ran through everything I had learned through the weeks. I ate healthy, I practiced my model walk in an empty hallway, and I constantly checked to make sure my makeup was up to par.

I can finally say I AM A PRO-CHEERLEADER. As they announced my audition number, tears began to roll down my eyes. To know how much growth I had made from my first audition, to this one, was breath taking.

My preparation, dedication and hard-work, was fueled by Sideline Prep, friends, family, and especially God. GeNienne was a phenomenal Sideline Prep coach and I couldn’t have asked for better guidance. So I go on the record to say, “Hi my name is Brittany. I am a Sideline Prep client that is now an NBA Dancer!”

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