Hello all! My name is Ashley Banek and I have been dancing for 25+ years. I was a competition dancer throughout middle and high school, a member of a student-run dance club in college and am currently a company member of Capitol Movement here in the DMV.

But trust me – All those years of dance could only somewhat prepare me for pro cheer/dance auditions. Fellow pro dancers will know what I mean when I say that trying out for and making a pro team is an intense process. And without Sideline Prep by my side, I never would have been as successful as I was in my own audition experiences.

With Sideline Prep, I was able to focus my energy on my dancing while the awesome Sideline Prep coaches perfected my look – from hair and makeup to audition outfits and fitness. By the time tryouts came around, I not only danced the part but also looked the part – confident, beautiful and professional.

So if you want to be the “complete package” at your next audition, you need to work with Sideline Prep! You have the talent. They have the experience and expertise! Trust me, I know!

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