Terrible Audition Mistake #5

Tips to Never Be Late Again… Especially to Dance Auditions!!

Hey there Lovely!!

I have a few questions for you… Are you always on time for different events, meetings, dinner, outings with your friends, etc.? Or are you always late and are normally the last person to arrive to most events? Or are you the type of person that is always running behind but somehow manages to arrive right on time?

Regardless of your situation… Being on time is imperative, especially for a job interview… And you must take the audition process for a semi pro or professional cheer or dance team like a job interview. You always want to arrive early… Not just on time. In this video I will discuss the importance of making sure that you are an early bird when it comes to auditions… and give you some tips on how to catch the worm 😉

In this video you will learn:

Why being on time is so important
The benefits to arriving early to your next audition
What a Coach/Director will instantly know about you when you arrive on time
Top Tips to Be on Time for auditions.. and everything else in your life!!

Be sure to check out the video now… ENJOY!!!

Now, If you’re really behind and have missed all of the videos, let me catch up you.

We are continuing our series on the Top 10 Terrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at your next NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. Pro Cheer/ Dance Auditions. Let’s do a quick recap…

Audition Mistake #1 – Lack of proper preparation before prep classes and the day of auditions [Go here to check out the video.]
Audition Mistake #2 – Not showing up to Pro Cheer events, workshops, prep classes, etc. before the day of auditions [Go here to check out the video.]
Audition Mistake #3 – Not Doing Thorough Research on the Dance/Cheer Team [Go here to check out the video.]
Audition Mistake #4 Part I – Not Taking the Application [https://www.sidelineprep.com/toptips-to-fill-out-a-professional-cheerdance-audition-application/]
Audition Mistake #4 Part II – Not Taking the Interview Processes Seriously [https://www.sidelineprep.com/top-tips-to-nail-your-next-audition-interview/]
Cheers & Love always!


If you are naturally a late person it’s OK. I can definitely relate. I’m in the same boat as you. But admitting you have a “problem” is half the battle, right? Now let’s put the correct steps in place to change this. I’m sure you your stress levels well thank you.


Don’t forget, if you want to put your hands on our FREE gift to you… An Audition Success “Cheat Sheet” of how to avoid these mistakes and an Audition Success “Action Sheet” to ensure you avoid them, click below…

Ever go to a professional cheer/dance prep class, workshop, clinic or audition and feel discouraged, overwhelmed, intimidated, or frustrated? Been there and done that for sure! We all have our ups and downs… because with joy sometimes comes pain. That’s just life, right? Well, when we are met with overwhelm, diversity or hard times, it can be hard to push through. Yet everyone says:

“Be positive!”
“Go for it!
“Be more confident!”
How do you handle these negative feelings? How do you become positive and still go for it? Do you use these feelings to motivate you or are you going to give up?

You already know what I want you to do… but check out this video for a few actionable tips to push you forward!

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