Terrible Audition Mistake #2

One Key Thing to Do Before Your Next Audition

This week we are continuing our Video Series on the “The Top 10 Terrible Audition Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!” during your professional and semi-professional cheer / dance auditions. This topic is by far the most popular and most read Blog to date on www.sidelineprep.com/blog. If you have not read it yet, you can read the full article HERE.

This is video #2… and we are discussing the #2 Terrible Audition Mistakes. I don’t want to spoil it… but here’s a HINT. This is something you should DEFINITELY do BEFORE the “big” audition day… before any professional or semi-professional cheer or dance auditions… Another HINT: You should do this not just once but as many times as you possibly can!!

Wanna guess what I’m talking about?? No? Then check out this video where I’ll give you the answer and discuss WHY this is so important!!

As a reminder, over the course of 11 videos… 9 more to go, I will walk you through each mistake in DETAIL to help you avoid our top 10 list of mistakes. If you missed Mistake #1, take a look at that video HERE.

Plus, in this video… I mention another tip around “Showing Up & Showing Out” at auditions. If you want to check out that video, go HERE

Cheers always!!



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