Terrible Audition Mistake #3

The TOP Thing to Do to Prepare for Almost EVERYTHING in Life

So we are continuing our series on the Top 10 Terrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at your next NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. Pro Cheer/ Dance Auditions. This series has been so much fun because we have received such a huge response to the videos so far. And guess what?!?! We’re only on video #3. We still have many more to go. So let’s do a quick recap…

Audition Mistake #1 – Lack of proper preparation before prep classes and the day of auditions [Click here to check out the video.]
Audition Mistake #2 – Not showing up to Pro Cheer events, workshops, prep classes, etc. before the day of auditions [Click here to check out the video.]
Audition Mistake #3 – ??? Hmmm… you’ll have to watch this week’s video to find out.

Whenever you’re preparing for ANYTHING in life… Whether it is an interview for a job, an audition for a Broadway play, a speaking part at your company’s event, or an audition for an NFL, NBA, or other professional or semi professional cheer or dance team, this is something you MUST do. I feel as though I’m constantly saying this in almost every single video but it is the TRUTH. The more of this that you do, the more prepared you will be, the more confident you will be, and it will ultimately increase how you present yourself in any situation. I’m sure you can guess what I’m talking about;)

In this week’s video I uncover Mistake #3 that most Pro-cheer potentials make and then I go into detail on how to avoid this mistake.

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