Terrible Audition Mistake #4

TopTips to Fill Out a Professional Cheer/Dance Audition Application

So we are continuing our series on the Top 10 Terrible Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at your next NFL, NBA, NHL, etc. Pro Cheer/ Dance Auditions. This series has been so much fun because we have received such a huge response to the videos so far. And guess what?!?! We’re only on video #3. We still have many more to go. So let’s do a quick recap…

Audition Mistake #1 – Lack of proper preparation before prep classes and the day of auditions [Go here to check out the video]
Audition Mistake #2 – Not showing up to Pro Cheer events, workshops, prep classes, etc. before the day of auditions [Go here to check out the video]
Audition Mistake #3 – Not Doing Thorough Research on the Dance/Cheer Team [Go here to check out the video]
Audition Mistake #4 – Not Taking the Application & Interview Processes Seriously

In this video I will discuss Audition Mistake #4…. but only half of it!! I had way too much content on BOTH the Application and Interview processes that I wanted to share with you. So this is PART I — the Application Process.

You’ll not only learn my Top Tips to Fill out Your Application… but you’ll also learn:

  • WHY you should turn your application in early
  • Some things you should think about BEFORE you start filling out your application (ie. I give you some HOMEWORK)
  • The components/questions that are normally on a NFL/NBA/NHL/AFL/etc. Professional Cheer/Dance application

This is a jam packed video… so enjoy!!

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One last things… In this video, I also mention the video I created about taking breath taking pictures to submit with your application. You can check out that video here.

Cheers & Love always!



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