Terri Ann

Terri Ann

It’s blessing to live the dream and do what you love. From my journey’s onset five audition seasons ago, I’ve landed in a place called home as a Red Rocker for the Washington Capitals and will soon begin my season as a Veteran on the Spirit Squad. Sideline Prep was instrumental in that dream coming true. GeNienne and all the ladies on staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with are the type of people I like to surround myself with professionally and personally…dedicated, driven, focused, real, and amazing at what they do. They’ve been there through my development to help me continually improve. I have learned so much from the coaches on their staff as well as the Cheer Coaches in the area and my current team’s coach who all taught me so much!

Here’s a list of 5 Things I learned along the way or believed in applying anyway:

1) Stay Positive even through disappointments with the process of auditions. Learn from the experiences and use them to get better.

2) Don’t give up! If you want something badly enough and you have what it takes, work hard and keep at it.

3) Be open for honest feedback and apply the feedback you’ve been given. It’s a gift.

4) Be humble and grateful everyday.

5) Also, be open to gain experience in unique ways through other teams, classes, workshops, coaching sessions, etc. available not just limiting yourself to only one opportunity or experience along the way (although you should definitely dial in and focus in on dance/learning opportunities presented by the team you’re interested in being selected for to learn more about their style or expectations, etc.)

Happy Cheering!
– Terri Ann

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