I remember the first tried out to be a pro-cheerleader back in 2012. I was auditioning with hundreds of girls hoping to also become a Washington Redskins Cheerleader that day, and while the audition process can be intimidating (especially for a first-timer), I felt more confident than most because I had an idea of what to expect thanks to Sideline Prep. I ended up making it all the way to Final Auditions, but didn’t make the team that year. I was devastated, but felt extremely proud to have made it that far – I had never had formal dance or cheer experience, and had decided to audition only six months prior.

Luckily, I had found out about Sideline Prep through the Prep Classes that WRC offer before auditions, and signed up for a private session. I was thrilled – there weren’t a lot of options available for me at my skill level and age, and was eager to get any help that I could. Sideline Prep took it beyond that, and through private instruction, the instructors were able to tailor the lesson to me. I learned all about the audition process, and felt like I had tapped into an invaluable resource that gave me the full scoop on what to expect at auditions, and how to prepare – right down to my audition outfit!

A couple weeks after auditions, I became a Washington Redskins Ambassador, and continued to develop my dancing. Sideline Prep began to offer even more specific lessons to help with everything, even modeling a bikini. They worked with me again, and the next year, I was ready. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I became a WRC that year. I continued to work hard, and always had the love and support from the Sideline Prep family along the way.

This is my second year now with the squad, and I honestly don’t think I would’ve made the team when I did if it wasn’t for Sideline Prep. I will always be grateful for all that they did to help me succeed. They truly care for each of their clients, and will go above and beyond with their guidance until you reach your goal!

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