“Hey, hey! I’m Nikki and a veteran Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador. Before moving to DC from Ozark, AL, I had absolutely NO NFL experience…and I mean NONE. I’d never even been to a game! However, as a collegiate dancer and cheerleader, I’ve always dreamed of being in the organization, but I didn’t know where or how to begin. Luckily, I stumbled upon Sideline Prep!

Before attending my sessions, I was literally clueless as to what it took to become a professional cheerleader: My weight was sub-par, I didn’t really have “the look”, nor did I know the WRC style of dance. Let’s just say I was nowhere near ready to compete on such a level. During my first session with GeNienne, she was completely honest with me and the changes I needed to make, yet offered constructive, AMAZING advice. She directed me to Sideline Prep’s fitness coach, Jeanette, who gave me great nutrition tips and exercises that resulted in weight-loss and an extremely toned body.

After all my sessions with Sideline Prep, I was confident that I was ready. My first time auditioning, I didn’t make it pass the second round (but did become an Ambassador!). However, my second time auditioning I made it to finals!! I could definitely tell the progress I made from one year to the next and I owe it to Sideline Prep!

I love how pure and frank GeNienne was with me. No beating around the bush, no glossed-up, round-about feedback…just upfront, solid advice that has taken me very far! To this day, whether at prep classes, auditions, or my daily workouts, I refer to her tips and tricks! I’m so grateful for the advice rendered to me…It’s gotten me one step closer to my goal! ”

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