What's the #1 Thing Judges Look for at Auditions

What’s the #1 Thing Judges Look for at Auditions?

Notes from GeNienne

I get this question all of the time from our Lovelies… And the question is warranted. We all want to know what the “secret sauce” is or what is the one thing that we can do to make the team. So it’s a good question but it’s also a question that is very hard to answer.And often my response is, “Well… It depends.”

But to attempt to answer this question… I would have to say that the judges are looking for the “full package.” However each team’s definition of the “full package” will vary.And you know my response is that you need to have the knowledge the style and the glamour and walking to auditions with confidence. This will help you show the judges that you are the “full package”.

But here is the quick overview of my response to this “Q”… but be sure to watch the video for the longer response…

1. It Depends… Just like I mentioned above, it really just depends on the cheer/dance team, judges, slots needed to fill, etc.

2. Full Package

3. Knowledge

4. Style

5. Glamour

Tip: You have to do your research to determine what the “full package” means to the team you are auditioning for. Every team is different and; therefore, had different expectations and needs to their team. Do your RESEARCH!!

Check out this video for more in depth answers:

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