Getting to know the Ben-Gals A Sneak Peak into NFL Pro Cheerleader Auditions - Part V

Getting to know the Ben-Gals: A Sneak Peak into NFL Pro Cheerleader Auditions – Part V

Getting to know the Ben-Gals: A Sneak Peak into NFL Pro Cheerleader Auditions – Part V

Could you imagine uprooting your life and moving half way round the WORLD to pursue your dream of becoming a professional cheerleader? Are your dreams so BIG that you’d do whatever it takes to make them happen? Are you willing to put in the work, seek the guidance you need and never give up to achieve what it is that you may not even think is possible for you?

Sakiko is proof that if you want it bad enough, if you dream big enough, if you do everything in your power to make it happen, it is possible!

In this week’s video “Getting to know the Ben-Gals: A Sneak Peak into NFL Pro Cheerleader Auditions – Part 5”, Sakiko, Sideline Prep Japanese Lovely turned Sideline Prep Japanese Accountability Coach and current Cincinnati Ben-Gal Cheerleader, invited Sadi and I into her home and took us on a tour of Cincinnati which you’ll see more of in next week’s video… so stay tuned! For now, get to know a Ben-Gal herself and how her experience with auditions has taught her more than just dance!

Saki shares her story of moving to the States. She tells us how she didn’t let the distance become an obstacle and she didn’t let all the “no’s” she received define her. Check it out!

Isn’t she amazing?! Sakiko has come such a long way… geographically, physically and mentally! Now when I say, “If our Japanese lovelies can do it, so can you”, do you believe me?!

If you have a big dream like Saki did, go for it! Like she said, “Trust yourself, enjoy the process and enjoy the journey!” You never know what you are capable of until you believe in yourself and push yourself beyond your limits! And of course, you know we are here to help you just like we helped Sakiko.

The program we mentioned in the video, Sakiko was part of that signature program! Our Pro Cheer Playbook Program has an over 70% Success Rate of our Lovelies going through the program, putting their 110% into everything we give them, walking into auditions with confidence and walking out a member of the team! This is an INTERNATIONAL program!

Want to be part of the family? Reply below with “I’m ready to GO PRO!” We will send you step by step instructions on how you can become a Sideline Prep Lovely and start taking action TODAY!


We are coming to a close to our SIX part Series… BOOO! Our trip was nothing short of amazing and MUCH needed! Next week is all about our last day, Touring Cincinnati! Need to catch up? CLICK HERE to see the first five videos and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get notified for when next week’s video is released (and to catch all of our our weekly videos about how to prepare for auditions, prepping like a pro and more FUN videos to come)!

We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

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