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I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day. It’s hard to believe that the summer is officially over for most but that simply means that it’s football season (Go Skins!) I can’t wait for the regular season to begin… only one day left. But while the current NFL Cheerleaders are preparing for their first regular season game and the NBA ladies are just getting started with practices and team pictures… there is still an opportunity to be a part of a dance/cheerleading team.

In our Sideline Success newsletter at the end of July, we had two guests writers: Jennifer Miller and Larissa Johnson, Co-Directors of the Bay Area Shuckers Dance Team. In that newsletter, we encouraged those that did not yet make it on a team to KEEP TRYING!! Auditions are still taking place so this is NOT the time to give up… but rather, to STEP UP!!

If you are attending one of the dance/cheer auditions this weekend, Congratulations!! If you aren’t, why not? What’s holding you back? And if you are not aware of the auditions, take a peek at the Upcoming Events section and GO FOR IT!!

In today’s featured article, we offer a few tips for ladies that plan to audition this weekend. It’s all about capturing the judges’ attention and keeping it! We discuss what judges are typically looking for during auditions. However, these tips hold true for those of you that are already on a dance/cheer team. Just interchange the word “judges” with “fans” or “coaches.”

Good Luck and as always, we are here if you need us.

Featured Article

What do judges look for during auditions?

Your posture, your smile, and the energy in your dance moves all exude a certain amount of confidence. Even if you are a beginner performer, act the part by standing tall in your posture, always having positive facials on your face and putting a lot of energy into every movement. The more consistently you focus on those actions, the more the judges will see that you believe in yourself and that you deserve to be there! By slinking down in your posture, not smiling or having soft energy in your moves, it causes the judges to feel that you are weak in your confidence and unsure of yourself. Go big or go home and show them how confident you are in pursuing your goal! Being confident in your walk, talk, dance, and energy will surely set you apart from your competition and get you noticed!

The judges and leaders within the program you are auditioning for need to know that you have respect for the organization you are trying to be a part of. Always exude strong listening skills, engage in eye contact when judges or directors are speaking, be kind to everyone throughout the audition day, and be enthusiastic about every part of the audition process. If you show respect for the organization, it proves to the judges that you are auditioning for the team for the right reasons and that you value the thoughts and feedback of those in the organization!

Looking at “respect” from another angle… being a respectful person to those that you encounter also shows that you – yourself – can be respected too. Judges are not just looking for a great dancer or a pretty face… they also are looking for a brand ambassador. This Ambassador must be someone who represents the organization in a positive manner and is respected by her teammates, the community, and those she meets at team events and promotions. When you make the team, how you act, what you say, and your overall presence and behavior will either positively or negatively impact the brand of the team. The Judges are trying to gauge how respectful you are and how respected you are.

If you have received corrections, feedback or suggestions – adopt them! Judges want to see that you have improved and that you are able to take critiques seriously. Every performer has something to improve upon and the performers with the highest potential and willingness for improvement, are viewed strongly by judges! Believe me… they notice and recognize progress. Your readiness to implement corrections and make adjustments shows the judges that you are coachable, adaptable, and flexible. A willingness to improve and showing progress is a great way to catch the eye of the judges. Never give up, progress takes time but is well

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