Hi I am Javai and I am a Sideline Prep Success! Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Sideline Prep. My three years on the Washington Wizards Girl team would not have been the same without them. Throughout my tenure on the team I was able to contact Sideline Prep with questions on how to navigate the PRO cheer world. As a rookie I had several questions on how to prepare for the calendar shoot, questions about fitness, and a need to improve some of my technical areas. Every rookie wants to make a good impression, show improvement, and represent their organization well. I knew that I needed HELP, so I reached out to Sideline PREP!!!! I would have been lost without Sideline Prep! I had no idea what it meant to be a pro cheerleader; many people think you can dance and that is it! Being a professional dancer is so much more, and SIDELINE PREP is there if you need them before auditions, during, and after auditions for assistance. Because of them I was able to earn a month in the calendar as a rookie, improve my technique, and make the transition from rookie to VET!!!!

GeNienne was there to answer my questions, and provided guidance on everything from kicks to nutrition. The commitment to their clients is so strong that not only will they help you make a team, but they can also help you solidify your growth within that team. What makes Sideline Prep standout to me is the acquisition of a great relationship with an organization that is respected throughout the PRO cheer world. After three phenomenal seasons I decided to retire from the Washington Wizard Girls; however I knew that my PRO cheer aspirations were not over. Sideline Prep provided me with the tips that I needed to make it to the final round of auditions for the Washington Redskin Cheerleaders. Because of Sideline Prep I was able to walk away from my audition experience with confidence in my performance! I am currently a Washington Redskin Cheerleader Ambassador, thank you SIDELINE PREP!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

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