After completing my second season with the Washington Wizard Girls, I still remember my first pro cheer prep class when I first learned about Sideline Prep and the fantastic variety of professional, personalized services they provide for women preparing for dance and cheer auditions. After working with Sideline Prep coach and co-founder GeNienne on style, nutrition and fitness coach Jeanette, renting one-of-a-kind costumes from J. Keene Design, and beautiful professional audition photos taken by a Sideline Prep sponsored photographer, I was equipped to walk into auditions confident, looking and feeling my ultimate best. The coaches even checked in during the season to offer support and transparent feedback to further strengthen my performance and appearance.

Sideline Prep services are worth every penny and have trained me to live out professional cheerleading as a lifestyle. Reflecting on my experience, I recognize that Sideline Prep’s services transcend beyond making women successful performers on the court or field but as a result of their coaching, I am more confident in my career, a stronger public speaker, and a happier, healthier me!

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