Will My Age Prevent Me From Making the Cut?

Can I become a Pro-cheerleader or Pro-dancer at my age? Thousands of ladies dream of landing a spot on a team in the Pro-Cheerleading/Pro-Dance industry. However, some doubt their age… and then fail to audition all together or go into auditions feeling insecure about their age.

That’s why I was glad I had the opportunity to discuss this very concern with a few of our Lovelies during the Pro Cheer Playbook Enrollment calls. Overwhelming, this topic of age kept coming up… and I could tell that these ladies were apprehensive about auditioning because they thought they were too young or too old. As women, we have so many insecurities… age being at the top of our list as we mature into adulthood.

To women and ladies of all ages that feel you may be on the older side of the bracket or the youngster side of the grid, this is a personal message to you. Take a look at this video…

Bottom line… Sitting on the couch and watching everyone else live “YOUR” dream will not solve your problems, address your thoughts or answer your questions. Yes, I understand that you may have doubts about age, image, fitness and the list can go on. Let’s be honest, we all have doubts but we can’t let those doubts or fears prevent us from moving forward. The best way to know if you are too young or too young is to do your research! If you don’t research the proper information, you will never know “The Facts of Life” or in this industry… The Facts of Pro Cheerleading!

Ready? Let’s Go Pro!

I’m very interested in learning about your thoughts on this topic and your concerns!

Have you had thoughts about your age and auditioning for a Pro Team? How did you or can you change those doubts so you can pursue your dreams?
Sideline Prep Lovelies, please leave your comments below and let me know.

Remember to share your story and advice below. You never know when your story may encourage someone to audition for a Pro-Cheerleading/Pro-Dance Team!

If you know anyone that has these doubts and would like to chase their dreams in this industry, share this advice! It could actually give them ammunition to audition for a Pro Team and give them an action plan on how they can take that next step onto a Pro Cheer/Dance Team..

Thank you so much for watching, reading, sharing and gracing me with your presence. Your voice is very important and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

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