How to Push Through Fear & Self Doubt


Has this ever happened to you?… You’re sitting in your car with your hair done, lipstick on, and audition outfit on ready to dance your way onto a professional dance team. Then you begin to doubt yourself and second guess your appearance, body, dance technique and outfit choice.

Next, these self-defeating, negative thoughts begin to pop into your head: Am I ready for this? Why would they choose me? Do I have what it takes? Why am I even here?

You come up with a million and one reasons to drive off that stadium lot and head home… but then you come up with one more reason to stay and fight for a spot… “This is MY dream.”

In life we all face fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence. What’s important is NOT that we have these feelings and thoughts but that we tackle them and push through.

You have a dream, a desire, a goal and there may be challenges that make you second-guess yourself. Don’t let challenges, fears, self-doubt or lack of confidence take control and determine the outcome. You have the ability to use these challenges to your advantage and grow as an individual, a woman and a dancer/cheerleader.

You are the one that gets to choose the life you want to pursue. If you want something to change in your life, you may have to adapt or revise your approach and change your THINKING.

This video will give you tangible steps to help you push through fear and negative thoughts… to come out a stronger person.


I mentioned a GREAT blog post / video from Marie Forleo in reference to Step #3 – Shine Your Light Out. You can find it here:

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