What do I wear for my NFL NBA Professional Cheerleader audition picture

What do I wear for my NFL/NBA Professional Cheerleader audition picture?

Notes from GeNienne

When it is audition time, most teams require that you fill out an application and attach a picture along with your application. In most cases this is your first opportunity to make a great or “not-so-great” impression on the coaches and directors. So you obviously want your picture to represent your best you and have them “drooling” to get you on their team. Wouldn’t that be great!!

But here are few quick answers to the “Q”… but be sure to watch the video for the longer response…

Follow instructions given by the cheer / dance team that you are auditioning for. Always, always, always research and then follow the NFL cheerleader requirements (or requirements from any other sports league)

Swimsuit… If there are not any instructions provided, then show off your great body by wearing a swimsuit. Most cheer/dance teams need to envision what you will look in their uniform and/or at the calendar shoot.

3. Audition Attire… You can also wear an audition outfit, the same one you plan to wear to auditions… so they can recognize you easily

Professional Attire for a headshot (Blazer, suit, blouse)

Cocktail Dress – something fun, sexy, formfitting, and flattering

6. Consider submitting a collage of all of your great looks!!

Remember that you MUST take this process seriously. The picture that you submit with your application could be the first impression that you set with the coaches and judges. Also, keep in mind that during the audition process, the judges are constantly going back to and referring to the picture you submitted during deliberations!!

Check out this video for more in depth answers:

As a reminder again… please research and follow all requirements provided by the team for your picture submission (NFL cheerleader requirements, NBA dancer requirements, etc.)

I attached these files for you….

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