It’s That Time Again

It’s That Time Again!

Notes from GeNienne

Hey there!

I hope you are having a great summer.  I definitely am.  I just got back from the Bahamas with a few of my former Redskins Cheerleader teammates, family, and friends celebrating my birthday.  It was an amazing way to bring in another year of wisdom, knowledge, and age —- YIKES!!  While the beach was amazing, I have to admit I checked my emails a few times during the week… just to make sure my Lovelies were okay 😉

And once I logged on… I was welcomed with many emails and inquiries about upcoming auditions.  With the warmer weather… comes NBA professional cheer and many semi professional cheer team auditions.  So NOW is the time to start preparing.  Don’t make the same mistakes most ladies make… waiting until the last minute to get Prepared, Polished, and Confident for auditions!!


Now, of course Sideline Prep is here to help you along the way… Don’t hesitate to contact us.  So… for this week’s Featured Article – we are doing something a little different.

I continuously get emails with GREAT questions from our Lovelies.  But instead of only replying to that one person, we will have”Q&A Hump Days” (on Wednesdays) where we answer your “Q” with an “A”!

If you want to submit a question for Q&A Hump Day… email us at !

If you have a “Q”, we’ve got an “A”!


Cheers & Love Always,


Featured Article

As mentioned above, our Featured Article for this month is a Q&A video.

If you have a question that you want answered as part of our Q&A Hump Day, just email us at or post your question on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

For this week’s Q&A Hump Day… the question comes from Kristin.  She asks,

“What do I need to do now to start preparing for next year’s auditions?
…How can I have the right audition moves down pack before next year?”

Take a look at our “Q” for Kristin’s “A”….