How can I Look the Part for Professional Cheer Auditions

How can I Look the Part for Professional Cheer Auditions?

Notes from GeNienne

If you are part of our Sideline Prep family and have taken any prep sessions with us, you already know that we focus on having three key elements to ensure that you are the full package: Knowledge, Style and Glamour.

You also probably know that when we say “Knowledge”, we mean making sure that you do your research to uncover the requirements and expectations of the dance team in which you were auditioning. When we say “Style” we are referring to the dance style and technique of the organization… and making sure that you have at least mastered the basic dance requirements. And when we talk about “Glamour” we are speaking about your appearance from head to toe, your physique, your fitness level, and making sure that you have – what we call – “The Look.”

Depending on the team, the level of importance of each of these three items will vary. However, ensuring that you have all three will surely make you a well-rounded candidate. In my opinion, one of the most important elements is having “The Look.” Let’s face it, you can know everything about the team and have researched the sport and the team to death…. And you could dance circles around everyone in the room, but if you are fit… or if you are not “calendar ready”… or don’t know how to apply make up and do your hair… then the chances of you standing out at auditions are slim.So today’s Q&A Hump Day Question addresses this topic… How can I Look the Part for Professional Cheer Auditions? Great question… let’s dig a little deeper.

1. Research “The Look ” of team… You must fit in but stand out at the same time.There’s a fine line here… when in doubt, make sure that you look like one of them.I know I am always saying, “Research, Research, Research!” But there is a method to my madness. Trust me!!

2. Incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle… if you don’t, it will show up around your waistline! You MUST make eating right a part of your daily routine. This will help you keep the weight off.It will also help with your energy level, stamina, and complexion!

Incorporate Physical Fitness/Working out into your lifestyle. After all, you will need the stamina to get through auditions and a game. Try HIIT Workouts — High Intensity Internal Training!!

4. Focus on attire, make-up, hair, nails, lashes, complexion, smile, etc. After you have mastered 1 through 3… now it’s time to polish your overall look!!

Be sure to research the team you are auditioning for to determine their “Look” from physical fitness to hair to attire. Keep in mind you want to fit in while still being you!

Check out this video for more in depth answers:

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NOTE: All advice, suggestions, and thoughts during Q&A Hump Day are based on our Coaches’ personal experiences in the professional and semi professional cheer and dance industry.  It does not represent the views from or for all dance or cheer teams

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