This Short Statement Changed it All

This Short Statement Changed it All

This Short Statement Changed it All

The other week, I shared how I was able to tear down a huge brick wall of self doubt and fear. The same self doubt and fear that was talking me out of auditioning for the NBA’s Washington Wizard Girls.

How did I do it?

Long story short, it was as “simple” has shifting my thoughts from being NEGATIVE to POSITIVE. Yep, that’s it. It wasn’t anything that required hours of research or time or manual labor. It was simple… but not easy.

I decided ENOUGH was ENOUGH.

I realized that just as I was able to think NEGATIVELY, I was just as capable of thinking POSITIVELY.

I remembered that my thoughts dictate my emotions and my motivation.

I remembered that my thoughts were the key to either inaction or taking one small action. I remembered that one simple shift in perspective was the key to me believing in myself or just giving up on myself.

I chose positivity. I chose action. I chose believing in myself.

Once I got my mindset “in check” by turning negative thoughts into more positive thoughts, I started to take action to keep my thinking positive… tearing down that HUGE brick wall brick by brick by brick… or should I say, negative thought by negative thought.

For the full story, search for the video titled: [Part 3 of 6] Breaking down brick walls! Today I want to share with you what specific actions I took to keep my mind “in check” to keep those positive thoughts coming.

These steps helped me turn the negative thoughts into uplifting-motivating-gotta take action thoughts… which led me to eventually become a professional dancer for the NBA. In the video I mentioned the importance of having unwavering faith in yourself and then taking massive action. So how was I able to create this FAITH and belief is myself and then take massive action?

First, I decided to come up with a mantra. A mantra to remind me that I could do it, that I was capable. My mantra was: “Yes I can!”

Whenever I had a negative thought, I said, “5-4-3-2-1 YES I CAN!!” and then I would take action. (Wanna know more about the “5-4-3-2-1 tactic”… check out video #2 in this series.)

So what were some of the small steps that I took to keep my MIND positive and motivated?

I used ALL the tips from this series (Stayed focus on my WHY; reviewed my goals daily; created a morning routine; stopped snoozing; continuously repeated my mantra – YES I CAN!; exercised daily; completed the most important thing first thing; etc.) All of these actions helped me increase the FAITH I had in myself… which helped me continuously take action.

Repeated my mantra and other “I am” statements on a regular basis, throughout the day. I even wrote down my “I am” statements some mornings.

Listened to uplifting, upbeat music to keep my spirits and mood positive. Be mindful of the music you listen to. As you listen to or sing the words of a song, it’s like repeating affirmations over and over again. Make sure you’re feeding your brain wisely with positive, uplifting lyrics 🙂

Speaking of music… Have you ever heard Lady Gaga’s song “Just Dance”??

This song came out the same year I was thinking about auditioning for Wizards. It was on the radio constantly and it was on repeat on all my musical devices. LOL!

When I heard the song for the first time, I took it as a SIGN that I had to audition. Lady Gaga was telling me to stop all the negative thinking and JUST DANCE!! She was talking to me! I just knew it.

Who am I to argue with Lady Gaga? So I decided to just dance! I decided to audition. Do you have a song that gets you moving? That reminds you that anything is possible and you can do it!

If so reply back and share what your “go to” song is… I would love to add it to my playlist 🙂 Remember… success is just on the other side of one thought and one action.

Up next… Be on the lookout for our next video titled [Part 5 of 6] Small steps lead to BIG results & the NBA!

Since I was able to get my mind on track with the above tactics, next week I’ll share what specific steps I took to prepare my body, appearance, dance style, speaking ability, etc. for auditions.

See you next week.

We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!


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