Small Steps Lead to BIG Results & the NBA

Small Steps Lead to BIG Results & the NBA

Small Steps Lead to BIG Results & the NBA

The other week, I shared how I was able to “whip” my mindset back into shape… giving me the courage to audition for the NBA’s Washington Wizard Girls.

How did I do it? Kinda simple… and definitely something you can do too!

I came up with a mantra. A mantra to remind me that I could do it… that I was capable.

My mantra was: “Yes I can!”

Whenever I had a negative thought, I said, “5-4-3-2-1 YES I CAN!!” and then I would take action.

I then started to use most of the motivation tips in this series (Stayed focus on my WHY; reviewed my goals daily; created a morning routine; stopped snoozing; continuously repeated my mantra – YES I CAN!; exercised daily; completed the most important thing first thing; etc. etc.) and made sure I only fueled my mind and my ears with positive, uplifting music and inspiration to keep my spirits and mood on the right track.

Speaking of music… Wanna know what my “go to” song was that year to get my hyped for Wizards auditions? Here’s a hint… It’s by Lady Gaga 🙂 Read the email I sent with the subject line “[Part 4 of 6] This short statement changed it all” to find out my “Lady Gaga – get me hype” song!!


Let’s move on to today’s tips.

Since I was able to get my mind on track with the above tactics, this week I’m sharing what specific steps I took to prepare my body, appearance, dance style, speaking ability, etc. for auditions.

But first… check out this video for the Tip #9 & Tip #10 on how to stay motivated!!

As I constantly say, it’s very important to have unwavering faith in yourself and then take massive action. So what actions, specific actions, did I take to get ready for auditions. Here you go…

Did Research: I called current Wizard Girls (WG) and spoke to them about their experience and got advice on what I need to work on and how I should prepare; I looked at the WG social media and website; Watched dance routines, etc.

Created an Action Plan: I wrote down a list of my strengths and OFIs (opportunities for improvement) based on the conversations I had with current WGs and my online research; Then I created a list of things I needed to work on, in priority order

“Worked” my Action Plan: Next, I started implement my action plan. I started working on each OFI, one by one.. starting with the highest priority items (the BIGGEST OFIs); I added time on my schedule to workout, dance, and work on dance technique… these were my biggest OFIS. For example, I scheduled a dance session with Anabel (a former First Lady of Football team) to work on turns; I took an intro to ballet class; I took more dance classes to work on picking up choreography faster; Scheduled workout and dance sessions with my girlfriends to hold me accountable; etc.

Research – Plan – Action!!

Now it’s your turn, what research do you still need to do? What’s on your Action Plan? What are your OFIs?

As you’re going through this exercise, if you start to feel discouraged or overwhelmed come back to this video series and watch all of the videos to remind you of tactical things you can do to keep moving forward.

You’ve got this!!

Be on the look out next week cuz I’m going to share how I use my bestie (my iPhone) to help keep me on track 🙂

We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

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