When is Enough Enough?


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There comes a time in all of our lives where we sometimes just feel like giving up. There comes a time when we keeping trying but we aren’t getting the answer we feel we want. There comes a time when a door is closed but we really wanted it to open. It happens to all of us. All of us. Guaranteed! We all hear NO… and I get it, hearing “No” during an audition can hurt. But guess what, it’s NOT the end of the world!!

In this video I answer a few questions that I receive after every audition season:

  1. Do you think they’re sick of me?
  2. Maybe they are tired of seeing me… Should I try out for another team?
  3. Maybe I should just give up?
  4. When is it time to move on?

I’m going to hopefully give you some clarity on when enough is enough. When maybe it’s time or NOT time to keep auditioning.

Also… be on the look out for next week’s video — It’s PART II of answering “When is Enough Enough?”


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