The TOP CRITERIA Judges are Looking for During Round 1 Pro Dance Auditions


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Now for the today’s video…

Has this happened to you??

After months of preparation the big day is finally here! HAPPY AUDITIONS! After learning your choreography you go out there and give it your ALL! The judges are ready to announce the candidates moving onto round 2 and unfortunately your number isn’t called. At this point I am sure you have asked yourself “WHAT?!!?” “What does this mean!?” “Where did I go wrong??”

These are all valid questions… You likely have tons of questions. But here are a few more important things to ask yourself to help you get to the bottom of WHY you didn’t advance to round 2:

  • Was I in proper shape?
  • Did my outfit flatter my body type?
  • Did I speak confidently during my intro?
  • Did I perform big?
  • Was I the TOTAL package?

These are only a FEW of the possible things the judges could be looking for in round 1!

In the end don’t forget to cut yourself a break! You should be congratulating yourself for stepping through the door! So now what? What should be the next step in your plan? Tune into this video where we break down the TOP CRITERIA that judges are looking for in round 1. The crucial step is to take a step back and be honest with yourself. There is ALWAYS room for improvement and Sideline Prep is here every step of the way!

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