Top 10 Tips to Put into Practice at Your Next Audition

Notes from GeNienne

I hope you are having an amazing 2016 so far!  I can’t believe it is already February.  The start of a new year means resolutions, goals, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl… and our annual Pro Cheer Workshop, of course!!  … and how could I forget… it’s also audition season!!

With the cold weather… comes NFL professional cheer and a few semi professional cheer team auditions.  So NOW is the time to start preparing.  Don’t make the same mistakes most ladies make… waiting until the last minute to get Prepared, Polished, and Confident for auditions!!

If you had the opportunity to join us at the Pro & Semi Pro Cheer/Dance Audition Prep Workshop, you know that we danced our booties off!!  It was such an amazing experience… with over 100 ladies all in the same place with the same goal!!

Here’s a fun pic of our Lovelies at the event:


These ladies danced their hearts out and I was overjoyed to see the determination and drive of everyone there.  And it did not go unnoticed by the Coaches & Directors.

Day 2 was our Mock Audition, where 35 ladies performed in three rounds of audition and received one-on-one feedback from our judges.

We had a judge representing the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders, Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, and Washington Wizard Girls.


So… this week I wanted to address a question from one our Lovelies that attended the

Mock Audition.

Here is this week’s Q&A Hump Day Question…

“In years past, during mock auditions I have been highlighted at the end for standing out choreography/freestyle. I know that sometimes in life you win some and sometimes you learn. I did not get recognized this year. I did want to ask… where did I need to improve at some point during the process, and/or asked to demonstrate for this year… where I could tweak things to make sure I do stand out?” 

A: Here are your “Top 10 Tips to Put into Practice at Your Next Audition”

1. Do your research and have “The Look” on audition day.

2. Focus on your Fitness Level and ensure you have a tight, tone body.

3. Make a great first impression when you enter the audition room and stay in the

moment even as you exit.

4. Poise & Presence are everything. Be mindful of your body language, your stance,

your aura, and your spirit.

5. Practice your public speaking… nail your introduction speech or interview.

6. Nail Your “Chance in the Spotlight”… show off your unique skills.

7. Make Eye Contact with the judges… as you enter, while you talk, when you

dance, when are you standing there waiting, as you exit.

8. Be comfortable with the choreography and technical skills, but if you mess up…

9. Recover Quickly. Don’t let it show on your face.

10. Dance full out and nail your performance and just Have FUN !!

Tip: Remember that your mindset controls most things in your life… from your mood, to your words, to your drive, to your motivation. Get in the right mindset BEFORE you walk into your next audition.
Check out this video for more in depth answers:

Be sure to stay tune to the end of the video for a few bloopers… LOL!!

CONGRATS again to all the Lovelies that attended the Pro Cheer Workshop.  Now it’s time to get moving and become prepared for auditions!!

If you have a question that you want answered as part of our Q&A Hump Day! ASK!! That’s what we are here for! Email us at

NOTE: All advice, suggestions, and thoughts during Q&A Hump Day are based on our Coaches’ personal experiences in the professional and semi professional cheer and dance industry.  It does not represent the views from or for all dance or cheer teams

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