Proven Method to Predict the Outcome of Your Next Professional Cheerleader Audition

How to Predict the Outcome of Your Next Professional Cheerleader Audition….

Are you guilty of this? You attend a prep class for an audition… The first thing that you do is scope out the room. You are looking for any girls that looks similar to you.

  • Who has the same hair color as you?
  • Who is the same height as you?
  • Who has the same skin tone as you?
  • Who is wearing an outfit that is similar to yours?
  • Who is your direct competition?

Next you try to figure out how many returning veterans are in the room.

  • How many girls came back?
  • How many girls left or retired?
  • Of the returning Vets, how many look similar to you or could potentially be your competition?

Yes — We are ALL guilty of this for sure BUT…

Stress NO MORE! Add, subtract, and conduct deductive reasoning… NO MORE!!

I have the proven method… I have the formula that will help you PREDICT the OUTCOME of your next audition!

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on this video… and any tips that you have for Lovelies that might spend too much time trying to predict the outcome of an audition. What tips do you have for them? Or… tell me, if you’re guilty of this, what will you do differently now?



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