Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class to AVOID

Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class that’ you’ll want to AVOID when you attend your next workshop, clinic, or prep class!!

In general, do you have any pet peeves? Someone not saying “Thank you” when you hold the door open for them? Or someone smacking their lips when they eat? Or maybe it’s when your friend eats that last piece of pie but doesn’t offer it to you first??

We ALL have personal pet peeves.. And so do Coaches and Directors of pro and semi pro dance teams!!

Do you want to make sure you don’t annoy the Coaches and Directors (and current pro cheerleaders) at your next workshop, clinic, or prep class??

If so, you’re gonna want to watch this video where I lay out our personal pet peeves for prep class… #10 through #6!!

Be sure to comment or reply to us with your thoughts on this video… and any pet peeves that you have when you’ve attended a workshop, clinic, or prep class!!. What tips do you have for them? Or… tell me, if you’re guilty of this, what will you do differently now?


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