Not Motivated There Actually Nothing Wrong with You

Not Motivated? There’s Actually Nothing Wrong with You

Not Motivated? There’s Actually Nothing Wrong with You


Let me share a story with you of when I lost my motivation and it was just me strugglin’ because I didn’t FEEL motivated every day.

It was a few months after I “retired” from the NFL’s First Ladies of Football after dancing 8 seasons at FedEx Field for the Washington Football Team… Redskins at the time. I felt like I was missing something and it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I missed my sisters and I missed performing and dancing. After all, it was my passion and my LIFE! 


So… I co-founded Sideline Prep. I decided I wanted to coach other women to go pro. I had such a kick-ass 8 years as a pro cheerleader…

“So why not help others experience the same thing?” I asked.

That’s what I did. I started holding one-on-one dance sessions with ladies. We worked on everything from freestyle, snippits, facials, across the floor technique, pirouettes, and kicks. I found my joy again. I found my sparkle. I found my happiness.

Then… this happened: I realized, I wasn’t DONE!

I said to myself… “GeNienne, what were you thinking?! Pick up your pom poms and get dancing again! You’re not done yet.”

It was when I started coaching others that I realized I still had some “dance” in me.

I thought I was done with pro cheer. I thought I was done shaking my pom poms, rooting on my team and talking to and taking pictures with the BEST fans in the NFL. I thought I was done going on military tours and volunteering my time a hospitals and schools.

Again, I THOUGHT I was done. I didn’t realize how much EVERYTHING meant to me.

So I came up with the bright idea to audition for the Wizards dance team.

Then… this happened: I let my thoughts get the best of me. I was overwhelmed with doubt, fear and uncertainty… wondering what to do next.

“Was it possible for me to dance for another team? Did I really have want it takes to be an NBA dancer? Would this really be possible for me?

The negative side of my brain, driven by fear, replied, “No silly! You don’t have a dance background. You’re not technical. How can you possibly be an NBA dancer? Come on Ge!”

All of these questions paralyzed me… and I found myself lost and with little to no motivation to pursue this newly thought up pipe dream.

The doubt and overwhelmed stopped me in my tracks. I hit a BRICK WALL and couldn’t figure out how to knock it down.

I was sad… I was unmotivated. I didn’t want to get up in the mornings. I didn’t want to go to work… I didn’t want to do too much of anything. I was letting the uncertainty impact every area of my life.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had so much doubt that you weren’t able to push forward or get motivated to take the next step?

Next week, I’m going to share what happened next. I’ll discuss HOW I was able to tear down that brick wall that was holding me back, and what I did next.

In the meantime, check out this week’s video where I give you a few tips on how to stay motivated… and quit hitting the snooze button every morning.

These two tips are game changers if you want to accomplish anything in your day….and YES, I used these to help me get out of my funk when I got very scared about auditioning for the Wizards.

Remember, sharing is caring! If you think you can guess the other techniques I use every day to stay motivated and get it done, let us know! If you’ve got your own tactical tips you’d like to share, please do so as well!

If you missed Part I of this series, check it out HERE:

We wish you success in all that you do & we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!

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