In the Meantime & In Between Time

In the Meantime & In Between Time!

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I hope this note finds you getting ready for the Fall weather!

While I am not fond of the cold, I love fall attire, spending time with family and friends during the soon approaching holidays, and attending football and basketball games.  Speaking for football, I was able to attend Monday Night Football at FedEx Field last night… watching a gruesome game against the Seahawks but loving every second of it as my eyes were glued to the First Ladies of Football.  Seeing “Our Lovelies” on the field made every bad play worth it in a weird but delightful way.  As I watched our clients dance their hearts out, it reminded me that audition season for the NFL is only a few months away.  Can you believe that?!!?  OMG!!

Sometimes with the cold weather comes stagnation on goals and couch potato syndrome.  PLEASE do not fall into those bad habits.  Use this time to get ahead of the game and start preparing “early” for the upcoming auditions.  I am BEYOND excited because ladies are already contacting us to schedule virtual and one-on-one sessions in preparation for the upcoming season.  This means that you all are starting to realize that “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

Today’s feature article is all about starting your audition prep process NOW.  Some ladies wait until January or February to start preparing.  This creates stress, burnout, and overwhelm.  It’s hard to walk into an audition with confidence when your preparation process was rushed and cut short.  Begin with the end in mind… and work toward your goals now.  And of course, we are here if you need us!!  Contact us TODAY to set up prep session with on of our Coaches!



Featured Article

In the Meantime & In Between Time

We often wait until the last minute to prepare for audition season – so here are a few tips to help your start preparing NOW!

Find a Mentor:  Whether it is a former member of the team of your dreams, a current Rookie or Veteran on a team you admire, or a resource like Sideline Prep, finding a mentor will enhance your knowledge of what it really takes to be on a team. Talking to others who are passionate about the same type of team that you want to be on will ensure that you prepare in a way that best fits the team you are striving for.  Plus a person that has “been there and done that” is the PERFECT resource to answer any questions you have and guide in the right direction.

Research:  Knowing as much as you can about the organization you want to be a part of will help you throughout your entire audition process. Follow their social media sites, sign-up for newsletters, read their website in full detail, look closely at photos to analyze the look of the team, and watch videos to get a feel for the dance style of the team!

Attend a Game: Watching the cheerleaders and dancers LIVE will give you a great idea of the style, energy, stamina and enthusiasm it takes to make the team of your dreams! Be sure to catch any pregame & postgame performances and pay close attention to details! Consider videotaping or taking photos to study when you get home.

Improve Your Skill: Take dance classes, research any early technique sessions or training programs, bootcamps or workshops being offered by the organization or consider a Sideline Moves class to enhance your dance skills. The sooner you start practicing, the stronger you will be during audition season! Don’t forget to start stretching now – flexibility is always important & it takes time to earn!

Think Healthy: Are you at the ideal weight or strength level to make the team of your dreams? How is your stamina and energy level? Now is the time to start preparing for your health & fitness goals in a healthy way! Achieving the ideal fitness level for the pro cheerleading & dance world takes time – don’t wait until it is too late! Make a lifestyle change, today!  The more in shape you are, both physically and mentally, the easier it be to get through prep classes and auditions.

Bold Move: Contact Sideline Prep about what the best approach could be to reach out directly to the Directors/Coaches of the programs you are interested in! It might be a great idea to introduce yourself & express interest via email. When the time comes for prep classes & auditions, the Director will be able to put a face with your name.

Preparing early helps build CONFIDENCE
… which Leads to a better Performance on the BIG Day! 

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