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How Do I Stay Focused on My Fitness Regimen?

Notes from GeNienne

When we are preparing for auditions or when we are just preparing for a “healthy life”, working out and eating right are two key elements in making sure that you are a “healthy you.” And if you been following my videos… You also know that another important element that would definitely be your mindset and your confidence level. All three of these elements pretty much go hand in hand. For example, you could work out every single day but if you are not doing the right work out or if you are picking out on unhealthy foods then all of your efforts in the gel will be wasted. On the flipside, let’s say you are eating healthy and you are eating your three small meals and two snacks and drinking plenty of water but you sit on the couch all day while you eat. This is not going to help you get fit and be the best you either. And finally let’s face it… If your mind is not in the right place and if you were not motivated to eat right and work out, then pretty much nothing will happen. So all three of these elements do work in combination and in conjunction with one another.

However, the question for today is focused around fitness. Specifically how can you stay focused on your fitness regimen when for example… there are sugary sweets and salty yummy’s all around you or you just are not motivated to get up and move? How do you stay the course?

But here are few quick answers to the “Q”… but be sure to watch the video for the longer response…

1. You have to make fitness and healthy eating a part of your lifestyle… i.e a part of your daily routine

2. Set personal fitness goals… Determine your “Why” behind the reasons you want to workout.

3. Set realistic fitness goals. Do not set yourself up for failure. Set goals that are achievable.

4. Schedule your workouts & stick to your schedule. If you put it on your schedule, you are more likely to stick to it.

5. Find an Accountability Partner/Buddy. You might let yourself down, but it’s not likely that you will let one of your friends down. Schedule time to work out with a friend or accountability partner.

6. Join a Fitness Group or Challenge. This is just another layer of accountability.Knowing that others in a group are waiting to find out what workout you did for the day, the more likely it is that you will workout… so you can post your update.

7. Have FUN with your workouts!! Pick a workout that you look forward to doing…. And then get excited about the workout!!

Tip: Remember that your mindset controls most things in your life… from your mood, to your words, to your drive, to your motivation. Get in the right mindset to workout and be healthy, and your body and habits will follow!!

Check out this video for more in depth answers:

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