How do I get Pro Cheer Audition Feedback from a Coach

How do I get Pro Cheer Audition Feedback from a Coach?

Notes from GeNienne

So the question for this week actually came as a follow-up question after the video that we posted the other week. To check that video out go here:

In the last video I encouraged you to reach out to the coach and/or director after an audition to obtain feedback, if you didn’t make the team. Obviously the best source of information on what you need to improve or why you did not make the team would come directly from the coaches themselves. However, what if you tried to email the coach or director and did not receive a response? Then what do you do? Here are few quick answers to the “Q”… but be sure to watch the video for the longer response…

1. Follow Up via email (again) with the Coach and Director and ask for feedback. Be sure to include your audition number & a picture of your beautiful self! This is helpful to jog their memory of who you are.

Get feedback from Sideline Prep… send us a picture or video of you doing the dance at auditions and we will give you our thoughts on how you can improve.

Remember that Pro Cheer/Dance Coaches & Directors are super busy… so be patient and understanding. Also keep in mind that some Coaches & Directors do not give feedback to candidates after auditions. That’s where self-reflection comes in ☺ Think back on your audition experience… What worked well? What do you need to improve on? What things made you feel insecure or uncomfortable? Then…. Work to improve these areas.

Check out this video for more in depth answers:

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NOTE: All advice, suggestions, and thoughts during Q&A Hump Day are based on our Coaches’ personal experiences in the professional and semi professional cheer and dance industry.  It does not represent the views from or for all dance or cheer teams


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