what are the judges looking for

What are the judges looking for?

What are the judges looking for? How do I stand out? These are only some of the questions we are frequently asked by our lovelies and gents. So, in this video, we decided to give you the inside scoop on what exactly the judges are looking for from some of our former PROS who are now Sideline Prep Coaches AND judges for semi pro and pro teams!

But first…. Here’s some background on the beautiful souls:


  • Head Nutrition & Fitness Coach for Sideline Prep
  • Fit with Jeanette, CEO/President; Registered Dietitian; Certified in Weight Management; Beachbody Coach; OrangeTheory Instructor
  • Amazing mother to Justin, GeNienne’s Godson
  • Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader & Co-Captain


  • Coach for Sideline Prep specializing in Dance & Technique
  • Positive Outcome Mentoring & Dance (P.O.M Squad) Nonprofit, Owner
  • Sideline Prep Lovely
  • Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader and Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador

Sammi Jo

  • Coach for Sideline Prep specializing in Dance, Look & Interview & Director for Sideline Prep Jr Division
  • 8th Grade Science Teacher and Poms Coach
  • Amazing mother of two, Houston and Vivian
  • Former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader & Co-Caption
  • Super Bowl 47Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader


  • Coach for Sideline Prep specializing in Dance, Performance & Look
  • Former Washington Wizards Dancer (Wizard Girl), Co-Captain & Captain
  • Sideline Prep Lovely

These experienced professionals give you their HONEST responses to questions like “From being a Pro Cheerleader to now being a judge, what are the top 3 things that you are looking for in a candidate?” to “What is your biggest pet peeve with someone who is preparing or going through the audition process?” They share everything from their favorite experiences as a pro cheerleader to the advice they would give now that they are judges!

So, we hope we answered ALL your questions on “What the judges are looking for” but if we missed anything, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email us at Info@sidelineprep.com!

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