Top Tips for Getting Over Audition Nerves


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So here’s the scenario…you are waiting in line at auditions and your group is next. You are getting ready to dance for the judges and all of a sudden the only thing you can focus on is YOUR NERVES! It’s okay to admit it!

Sometimes nerves get the best of us and over take every single emotion, thought and feeling we have! But don’t worry, your Sideline Prep family is here! In this weeks video I will give you my top tips for getting rid of audition nerves! T

his is PART 1 out of a 5 video series on how to shut these feelings down!

My first two tips cover:

  1. Your pre audition routine
  2. Positive self talk

We not only want these tips to pay off during audition season, but we want you to carry these into your life! If it’s an interview, a presentation at work, or any situation where you might be feeling a little nervous..

THESE TIPS WILL HELP! Go out there and and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS! Just know that we are cheering you on every step of the way 🙂 See you for part 2!


Don’t forget to grab our Top Tips to Overcome Audition Nerves Checklist! It’s literally your STEP BY STEP guide to going pro!

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