Top 5 Tips to Transition from being a Cheerleader to an NFL/NBA Pro Dancer


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Did you know that not all NFL and NBA cheerleaders started with formal dance training!? As it turns out…many of them were actually cheerleaders! Many ladies in the industry dedicated a lot of time and effort to transform their cheer and dance skills into PROFESSIONAL dance skills! Trust me…THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!
It takes A LOT of practice to be able to tell a story with your dance moves and we are here to help!  If you’re curious about how to become a cheerleader for the NBA or NFL, especially if you have a cheer background but no technical dance training, this video is for you!!
In this video I cover 5 tips that can help you transform from being a cheerleader to a dancer!
We’ll discuss:
  • The types of dance classes you should be TAKING
  • How to FEEL your music when you dance
  • Knowing the difference between being SHARP and FLUID
  • What type of TECHNIQUE you should have
  • How you BREATHE during dance


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