Tattoo Be Gone

Tattoo Be Gone!

Tattoo Be Gone!


This week’s topic is something we’ve received A LOT of questions on!

As we discussed in our two part series “Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class”, there are some things you want to AVOID “sharing” when it comes to prep classes and auditions, namely Pet Peeve #6: Not Researching Your Look!

Can you guess what it is about your look that we will be talking about today?

You’ve guessed it… Tattoos!

So even at prep classes (or audition video submissions), even though the coaches know you may not be at your 100% yet, you still want to have your look together. Make up, hair, fitness, etc. you still want to make that great first impression!

I often get asked, “Should I cover up my tattoos for prep classes?” Well, the short answer is, “Better to be safe than sorry…” But to find out why I think covering up your tattoos is a good idea for BOTH prep classes and auditions, plus what coaches may be thinking if they do see your tattoos, you’ll have to watch!

Be sure to check out our two part series “Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class” if you haven’t done so already!

Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class:

Our Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves at Prep Class to AVOID – PART II:

PLUS… be sure to click the link below to grab our Tattoo Cover Up Buyers Guide and Top Ten Personal Pet Peeves Checklist!

Tattoo Cover Up Buyers Guide:

Top Ten Personal Pet Peeves Checklist:

Don’t forget to comment below some of the products you use to cover up your tattoos! Do you have a secret you can share with us on how you get that natural look? We’d love to know! And if you’d like a video tutorial on how to cover up your tattoo(s), just let us know! Remember, we are here for YOU!

Have your auditions gone virtual? Be sure to check out the first 2 parts of our 4 part series “How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission”!

How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission:

How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission Part ll – The Content

Remember, this is new to most of us, however, Sideline Prep has been coaching, supporting our training via a virtual platform for close to a DECADE! We’ve got your back!

We would love to help you in any way we can so…

If you need editing, we’ve got you.
If you want feedback on your audition video, we’re here to help.
If you need choreography, we can do that too!

All you have to do is click the link below and we will be right there to assist you with whatever you need!

GO HERE to get one-on-one video critique help or email us at

GO HERE to download our Tips & Buyers Guide:

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