Sideline Prep's Rep Your Team Face Mask Challenge

Sideline Prep’s “Rep Your Team” Face Mask Challenge

Sideline Prep’s “Rep Your Team” Face Mask Challenge

We have a challenge for you!

During this unprecedented time where COVID-19 seems to be taking over our world, we must remember to stay healthy, stay happy and stay safe! We have a great way you can do all 3 PLUS represent the team you aspire to be on all at the same time!

That’s right… it’s Sideline Prep’s “Rep Your Team” Face Mask Challenge!

If you have to venture out during the quarantine, we want you to stay protected and safe while you go out for your essentials. What better way than with a face mask that represents the team you aspire to be on?

And once you make one for yourself, why stop there? You can easily make these masks for your family and friends, as well as, donate them to a local hospital that is in need due to the shortage of face masks.

Remember, being on a team is not only about performing for fans, it’s also about giving back to the community. Since our normal day to day activities are changing, let’s help make our “new normal” more positive and uplifting by staying safe and representing your team!

For step by step instructions and a shopping list of all the tools you will need, just click the link below!

We hope you enjoy this challenge. Be sure to post and tag us on social media! Let’s fill our threads with positivity! Tag us @sidelineprep with the hashtag #RepYourTeamFaceMaskChallenge!

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