Hugs to all Our Lovelies

Hugs to all Our Lovelies!!

Notes from GeNienne

I am always amazed at the talent that we have right here in the DC area.

I had the profound opportunity to attend the Washington Wizard Girls auditions this past Saturday, as an observer and as the “Expert” commentator for a show Monumental Sports & Entertainment is producing about the Wizard Girls Auditions. The gym was packed with beautiful ladies and once the audition rounds began, we soon realized that they had dance ability, personality, and spunk to go with the great books. Each round became progressively harder, yet the dancers rose to the challenge and “rocked it out.”

In the end, 40+ Finalists were chosen and the remaining left the gym with either a feeling of disappointment or empowerment. I congratulate the Finalists but also send kudos to all those that didn’t make it as far as they may have wished. If you are one of those ladies, I encourage you to learn from the experience and grow… and pat yourself on the back for showing up at auditions and giving your all!! Be empowered to be better, dance better, feel better, and rock it out next time.

I know the process is hard… I’ve been there – 11 times to be exact!! LOL. Now being on the other side as an observer, I wanted to pass on a few tips/pointers from the audition process. I hope you enjoy today’s Featured Article, which includes a personal message from me.

Hugs to all Our Lovelies!!

As mentioned above, today’s Featured Article is a personal message from me!! These are just a few of the common themes that I noticed at Saturday’s Audition. Please jot them down, keep them in the back of your mind, and utilize this information at your next audition.

As always, our Sideline Prep Coaches and I are just a text, email, or phone call away. It’s NEVER too early to start preparing for your next audition!!


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