Haunted to Hot in Just 3 Quick Days

Haunted to Hot in Just 3 Quick Days

Notes from GeNienne

Happy Almost Halloween!!

Are you planning to dress up and party hard this Halloween?  To be honest, I normally don’t.  Last year was the first year I dressed up in AGES!!  Normally I just tag along with my nieces and nephews and enjoy watching them get excited about all the candy in their bags.  But this year, I can’t make it to my sisters’ homes 🙁  … So why not dress up and celebrate?!!?

While we are all TOO OLD to knock on doors, and yell “TRICK OR TREAT” we are NEVER too old to get dressed up and be someone or something else for a few hours by totally transforming our every day look into a fantasy, scary, funny, wacky, or sexy NEW YOU!  Why not, that’s what Halloween is for, right?!

But what about the other 364 days of the year?  Every day we should strive to transform ourselves… better ourselves… improve our inner and outer beauty.  Every day we should NOT settle for just “being”.  We should aim to be a better person than we were yesterday… whether that is through eating better, working out, enhancing our makeup, getting our hair done, setting up a plan to reach a goal, spending time in mediation or prayer, hanging with friends & family more, saying thank you more often, or giving a helping hand daily.  However you can.. however you chose to improve or to be better.. do it!  Don’t just focus on transforming on Oct 31st… make steps toward a better you every day!!

Be honest with yourself by picking one or two areas in your life that need an overhaul and or a minor tweak.  Then, start with a small action and commit to change.  For me, I’m committing to waking up earlier each day, reading something positive at the start of my day, getting in a workout at least 3 times per week, and eating better.  I’m jump starting my transformation with the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh!!  What can you do to jump start your transformation??

Sideline Prep is here for you every step of the way… Good luck!!

Cheers & Treats,


Featured Article

HAUNTED TO HOT A 14 Day Challenge to Help you Hit your Goals

Before you focus on specific goals to help you make the team of your dreams, you have to take your mindset from haunted to HOT – so that you’re ready to shine bright on the sidelines! The below tips will help you transform yourself through a 14 day challenge that will get you on track to meet your ‘go pro’ goals.
1. Evaluate yourself and write down your new intention.
It takes strong intention and action to shift a dream into a positive momentum – with a purpose! Evaluate how you feel about your goals right now. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, what number defines how you feel right now?
Next, write down your specific intention about how you want to feel about your goals in two weeks.
2. On a piece of paper, list everything and everybody who is bringing down your energy.
Your Priority #1 is clearing the clutter, and it encompasses everything from physical to mental and emotional clutter. This includes your home, work, errands, calls, doctor appointments, conversations you’re avoiding, tickets you don’t want to pay, etc.
Decide how many of these things you can complete in 14 days. Procrastination seriously depletes your energy & takes away from your goals! Just think about an issue you’re NOT dealing with. Usually a big heavy sigh follows. Challenge yourself – but also be realistic so you can WIN by completing your list. Once you finish this initial list, you can continue with a larger list if you wish. Prioritize items in terms of how much energy you lose when thinking about them. In two weeks, you’ll be amazed at how many you’ll be able to cross off!
3. Now, write down the energy boosting programs you will take on for the next two weeks.
You can categorize your program in the following way and be specific about what you’ll do in each category. Don’t over-promise, but challenge yourself. Feel free to tweak the program for your unique goals. Make it do-able.
⦁ Healthy eating plan
⦁ Daily exercise
⦁ Daily meditation
⦁ Daily affirmations
⦁ A personal goal


4. Make a commitment to yourself and take action.
Do what you say! I usually give myself a red star on my calendar for every day I’m successful. Also, within four to five days, I already see a difference in my appearance and feel energized about how well I’m following my plan. Results & progress are the best motivation!
5. Re-Evaluate Your Life and Celebrate!
After 14 days, get out your lists and cross off what you’ve completed. Next, circle the items you successfully implemented into your day-to-day & want to continue! Now, rate your life from 1-10 and see how far you’ve come in only two weeks of effort. Eating healthy, moving your body, practicing daily meditation and affirmations for 14 days will absolutely uplift your mood and energy. Clearing clutter will set you free.
Celebrate with friends and family by treating yourself to something that makes you happy. Reward yourself for a job well done.
It’s important to build on these practices day by day!
You can decide if you want to continue to take on one week challenges and make new lists! It’s fun, and the best part about the short time intervals is that they’re manageable. If we think we have to change our lives forever, sometimes it’s too overwhelming.
Once you get your life back on track and feel energized your goals of making the team of your dreams will become clearer & easier to reach! Let’s go from Haunted to HOT, together!

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