Email Etiquette 101

Email Etiquette 101

Email Etiquette 101

“Found you on Google. Where your classes?”
“When is these photo shoots held on March 10th?”
“How can i sign up and find auditions?”
“Hi. I would like to know when are auditions. I am located in New York.”
“Hey. I want to be a dancer. Can you help?”

These are emails we get on a regular basis… English pop quiz: Can you spot what’s wrong with them?

Proper email etiquette is very, very important, especially when you’re messaging an organization, company or anyone really! We have gotten so used to abbreviations and how we shorten our words via text messaging that we think it is okay to write this way via email or when we are communicating with different cheer/dance organizations (or ANYONE! Hehe!).

No ma’am. No sir. Not today, not ever!

But as always, we are here to help!

In this quick tip video, I go though some of the top things you should pay attention to when writing your emails. I quickly go through why it is so important to have proper email etiquette and how important it is to show your professionalism… via written communication.

Keep an eye out for a longer video on proper email etiquette, but for now, we hope this quick tip video helps you craft a professional, proper email that gives you that great first impression!

If you have any questions, of course, we are only an email away! But… Please, Don’t forget proper email etiquette!

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